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Benefit from our secure storage facilities

At DAW Storage, safety and site security are high on our list of priorities. Learn how our York-based team keep you, your goods and our staff safe.

Effective crate storage security

We’ve invested heavily in on-site security, to ensure that anything you store with us is safe and protected. Our self-storage facilities are surrounded by security fencing, 24-hour colour CCTV, and are alarmed, linked to monitoring stations in the area. 

Our site is also fully staffed during opening hours.

Storage warehouse, boxes stacked high
padlock on garage door

Here to keep you safe

At DAW Storage we’ve also made sure to protect staff and customers by fitting smoke detectors in all on-site buildings, with clearly marked fire safety points across our site. 

All staff are fully trained across a range of disciplines, including first aid, fire safety and the safe handling of goods.

Prohibited items

For the safety of everyone who uses and works at our facilities, we cannot store:

  • Any form of waste or goods that are toxic, polluted or contaminated

  • Any living animal or plant

  • Goods that are highly flammable or deemed hazardous

  • Fireworks, firearms, ammunition, explosives or compressed gases

  • Illegal goods

  • Cash and securities

  • Food or perishable items

  • Items we deem to be dangerous to our customers

  • Radioactive materials

Close up of Hazchem Hazardous Chemicals and Dangerous Goods warning sign
Pallets of boxes in warehouse

Vermin and pest prevention

We have in place vermin and pest control measures for all of our storage facilities. These measures and controls are contracted out to specialists within this area.

Proud to work with

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Choose affordable and secure storage facilities today. To book a unit or to learn more call:

01759 372132

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